Tattoo Removal Specialists in Clifton, NJ

Looking for a tattoo removal specialist in the Clifton, NJ area? Finding the right professional is incredibly important to the success or failure of having your tattoo removed.

Did you know that New Jersey requires technicians to have a physician’s license before operating a tattoo laser removal machine. That’s great news for everybody that lives in New Jersey, because we have the most qualified doctors and medical personnel trained to get you the best results. The majority of the other US states require no type of medical degree to use the machine and as little as 16 hours training on using the laser tattoo removal equipment.

Clifton, NJ Tattoo Removal

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Clifton is one of the largest cities in New Jersey with over 80,000 residents within the city limits. And while Clifton is just 10 miles west of New York City – New Jersey is the place to be when it comes to tattoo removal!

There are plenty of great local doctors to help you select the correct tattoo removal procedure and to ensure you get the very best results.

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Important Questions to Ask

Here are a few key questions to ask before you book that first appointment.

1. How many procedures has the doctor or office performed in the last year? It is important to be certain the doctor has experience in the process and in treating any possible complications.

2. Can you see before & after photos? Many offices will keep a portfolio of results, so you can see exactly how your skin will look at the end of the process. Depending on the quality, color and location of the original tattoo, you may be left with some skin discoloration. So it’s important to set your expectations before you begin.

3. What type of laser equipment is used? Always check to see if the most up-to-date equipment is used. And if you’re going the route of laser removal therapy, be sure to ask if the laser is FDA approved to remove tattoo pigment. Not all lasers are create equally!

4. What is the cost & length of each office visit? This is an important question since most insurance policies don’t pay for the cost of tattoo removal, so you should be prepared to pay for the visits out of pocket.

5. What type of follow-up care is given? Each office will vary in their after-care procedures. Some offices will call you a day after each procedure to check up on you while others prefer an in-office visit.

6. Will pain medication be administered during or after the process? Depending on the type of removal, there will be some measure of pain involved, so it is good to know what types of medications are recommended.

Getting your tattoo removed can be a lengthy process and could take several sessions. It’s important to find a qualified tattoo removal doctor who is concerned about your safety, health and of course – getting you the best results.

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