Tattoo Removal Specialists in Newark

Choosing the right tattoo removal specialist is critical to the success or failure of the procedure. And while Newark, NJ is super close to New York City, there are some very good reasons why you are better off having your tattoo removed in the Garden State.

New Jersey is one of only a few states that require a physician’s license to operate a tattoo laser removal machine. Most other states do not require any type of medical degree to perform the procedure. In fact, the majority of US states only require 16 hours of training to operate their laser tattoo removal equipment. So while you might think you can find the best tattoo removal doc with a quick trip to Manhattan, staying withing the New Jersey borders is a much better way to find the most qualified physicians to perform the job!

Newark, NJ Tattoo Removal

Night skyline of the Rutgers-Newark Camputs
Photo credit: Arthur Paxton – Office of Communications, Rutgers University, Newark

Newark New Jersey is one of the largest cities in the United States. Located just 8 miles from Manhattan, it is also called the “Gateway City” and a major transportation hub in the nation.

This busy city is a great place to find top notch doctors and dermatologists that are trained in the latest tattoo removal methods and procedures.

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Top Questions to Ask Before You Choose

Here are just a few of the important questions to ask when you are looking for the best tattoo removal doctor.

1. How many procedures has the doctor or office performed in the last year? You want to be sure the doctor has experience in the process and possible complications of laser removal.

2. Can you see before & after photos? Many offices will keep a portfolio of results, so you can see exactly how your skin will look at the end of the process. Depending on the quality, color and location of the original tattoo, you may be left with some skin discoloration. So it’s important to set your expectations before you begin.

3. What type of laser equipment is used? Of course you want to be sure the facility has the most up-to-date equipment. And in the case of laser removal therapy, it is also important to find out if the laser is FDA approved to remove tattoo pigment.

4. What is the cost & length of each office visit? Most insurance policies will not cover the cost of tattoo removal, so you should be prepared to pay for the visits out of pocket.

5. What type of follow-up care is given? Each office will vary in their after-care procedures. Some offices will call you a day after each procedure to check up on you while others prefer an in-office visit.

6. Will pain medication be administered during or after the process? Depending on the type of removal, there will be some measure of pain involved, so it is good to know what types of medications are recommended.

Tattoo removal can be a long process. So do your best to find the most qualified professional in your area that will be concerned about your safety, results and comfort.

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