Find a Tattoo Removal Specialists in Paterson, NJ

Do you look at your tattoo everyday and wish it would disappear? Science and technology have come a long way and now it’s easier than ever to have your tattoo removed. Huge advances have been made especially in the field of laser tattoo removal. The only trick is finding the right tattoo removal specialist to get the job done right.

New Jersey is an excellent place to find some of the most qualified physicians to perform the job.

Paterson, NJ Tattoo Removal

City of Downtown Paterson in New Jersey
Photo Credit: Downtown Paterson NJ2 by BJT11091 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

Paterson – aka the “Silk City” is the largest city in Passaic county of New Jersey. The city earned this fancy nickname for its dominant role in the textile industry.

Paterson is also an ideal place to have that pesky tattoo removed and return your skin to it’s “silky smooth” appearance once again.


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Finding the Best Doctor

To help you find the best tattoo removal doctor for the job, here are some important questions to get answered during that first appointment.

1. How many removals have you performed in the last year? It is important to be sure the doctor you select has experience in the process and any of the possible complications of tattoo removal.

2. Can I see before & after photos of a tattoo being removed? Most offices will have plenty of photos for you to review so you will know in advance exactly what to expect.

3. If you are considering tattoo laser removal, ask what type of laser equipment is used? Not all laser equipment is created equally and it’s important to find out if the laser is FDA approved to remove tattoo pigment.

4. What is the cost & length of each office visit? Having a tattoo removed is likely to take multiple sessions for best results. Unfortunately having a tattoo removed is much more difficult than getting one in the first place. And most insurance companies don’t cover the cost.

5. What type of follow-up care is given? Does the office provide detailed instructions for after care procedures? Do they prefer an additional check up after the process is completed? Is any pain medication needed?

Tattoo removal can be a long process and having an experienced person do the job will make all the difference. It’s important to find a qualified professional that is committed to your safety, comfort and of course – achieving great results!

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