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Located in Hudson county, Union City has over 65,000 residents and over 15,000 families living within the city limits. As part of the New York metropolitan area, the Manhattan skyline is visible from many of the city streets. This busy city is an excellent place to find the best doctors and dermatologists skilled in the most recent tattoo removal methods and procedures.

Union City Tattoo Removal

Sign in Union City, New Jersey, at its southern border with Jersey City on Summit Avenue
Sign in Union City, New Jersey, at its southern border with Jersey City on Summit Avenue

There are many reasons someone might choose to have their tattoo removed in Union City, NJ.

  • The subject matter might be something from their past they would like to forget.
  • Weight gain or loss may have distorted the artwork
  • There could be a new job on the way where the tattoo may not be acceptable.
  • A new relationship is a common reason for erasing old ink
  • And many people simply outgrow a tattoo and find it no longer represents them later in life

But no matter the reason behind the decision, it’s important to find the right tattoo removal specialist. One that has your safety, results and comfort in mind. But with all the choices out there, how do you select the best doctor for the job? Read on to find out…

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How to Choose the Best Tattoo Removal Doctor

So, just what factors should you consider when you need to choose a tattoo removal specialist? Here are 6 questions you should ask before finding the right tattoo removal doctor in Union City, NJ.

1.What technologies or procedures does a specialist have in his or her arsenal to remove your tattoo? Some clinics might focus on one particular method. This can be an advantage if they are experts in their methodology. However, it might not be a great fit to your situation, and it might not let you choose an option you can really afford.

2. How much will the tattoo removal process cost? Most insurance plans will tell you that tattoo removal is an optional or cosmetic issue, except in the rare circumstances where tattoo removal is medically necessary. Since you are likely to be paying for your tattoo removal completely out of your own pocket, do what you can to keep the costs under control.

3. Is financing or a payment plan available? Many tattoo removal situations involved multiple visits for preparation, treatment and follow up. If this is the case, see if you can pay for each visit by itself, and always ask about financing options and payment plans.

4. How far is the specialist from where you live? Medical treatment prices often fluctuate depending on region and location. In a lot of cases, driving an hour from where you live or work could net serious savings in price, but you do have to balance out the driving time and gas you use. Lost work hours might also cut your pay.

5. What is the tattoo removal specialists track record of success? Infection is always a risk with tattoo removal. You also should not expect your former-tattoo skin to look just as clean and fresh as the rest of your skin. Some discoloration and scarring is always a possibility.

6. What are the anesthesia options? Something will need to be applied for the actual removal process. Can you tolerate a local anesthetic and remain conscious during the procedure, or do you need a general anesthetic? Are you allergic to any such drugs? Keep in mind that most such procedures are done on an outpatient process, so if you expect to be woozy or drowsy after, have someone available who can drive you home.

Considering each of these six factors is necessary when you are going through the process of how to select your own tattoo removal specialist in Union City, NJ. Available procedures and technologies, track record, costs, location, financing options and anesthesia possibilities are all things to ask about.

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